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Wild Animal Removal / Trapping Service Huntington Beach, California

Infestation of wild animlas has become nuisance in Orange County including Huntington Beach.  These wild animals have been know to enter attics of homes which can be a huge problem for residents living in them.   Call us toll free at 800-985-9767 for a immediate assistance.

Wildlife Removal Service in Huntington Beach

A Team Services Wildlife control offers professional wildlife removal and control services for both residential and commercial properties throughout Huntington Beach California.  Our experts are fully experienced to trap, control and clean up any wild animal contamination that you may be having a problem with.  We are ready to assist you with any problems that you are having with unwanted animals such as: raccoons, squirrels, opossums, birds, skunks, rodents and bats.  Our team of wild animal experts are fully knowledgeable and can provide you with a solution which includes, damage repair caused by the animal and waste cleanup.  If you are in need of professional and affordable solution to get rid of unwanted animals, we are ready to assist you.  Call us today to get help at 800-985-9767.

When dealing with wild animals: raccoons, squirrels, opossums, birds, skunks, rodents and bats it is without a doubt  you can just hire any pest control company.  Most pest control companies in Huntington Beach are only equipped to deal with insects using pesticide or dangerous chemicals. Unlike working with insects, when it comes to wildlife using hazardous chemicals is not an option.  Trapping and controlling wild animals takes special training and understanding of the animal being trapped.  In other words, in order to determine a solution our experts will fully analyze the current situation in order to come up with a necessary solution.  Therefore, our services are not simply just trapping; we are also here to provide you with a long term solution to put an end to your problem.

If you are in Huntington Beach and are having problems with wildlife such as: raccoons, skunks, opossums, squirrels, bats, birds, and rats at your home or business we can help.  Wild animals can cause a large amount of damage to a house, condo, townhome, hotel, apartment, etc..  Furthermore, when these animals enter a property they can cause major damage and contamination that may need to be cleaned up and repaired.  A Team Wildlife Control is fully equipped to provide services all services from trapping to full clean up and damage repair.   For nearly a decade we have been known to provide the most superior wildlife and rodent control service in Huntington Beach, California.  As a licensed and insured company, we are ready to take on any task relating to wild animal control and clean up services.

Damage cause by wild animals can be covered under your homeowner's insurance policy. Call us today and get more information 800-985-9767.

Pest and Wild Animal News

Wildlife animal issues Huntington Beach

The controversial issue of coyotes that are eating pets and scaring people in suburban Huntington Beach will be talked about at a town hall Monday night.

It’s apparent that the amount coyote population is increasing, and simultaneous increase in the evaporation of cats and small dogs, has resulted in calls for coyotes to be shot or trapped.

Others have argued to the animals’ defense, and pronounce they should be left alone to reach their population equilibrium.

The city has invited state Fish and Wildlife Department and professional pest control experts to explain their point of views.

-City News Service

Orange County approves new animal shelter to be built in Tustin

The navy is planning on giving up the property to the county of orange next year to build a new animal shelter at the old Tustin base.  The Navy will be swapping its old base for the land owned by  South Orange County Community College district once it is available. 

The build is going to cost approximately $35 million for the 10 acre shelter and expected to be started at the beginning of July.  The following cities that have contracted with the county animal control: Anaheim, Brea, Cypress, Fountain Valley, Fullerton, Garden Grove, Huntington Beach, Laguna Hills, Lake Forest, Orange, Placentia, Rancho Santa Margarita, San Juan Capistrano, Santa Ana, Stanton, Tustin, Villa Park and Yorba Linda.

Huntington Beach News

Huntington Beach also known as HB is a city in Orange County known for its sandy beach, excellent surfing and beautiful climate. This city is name after a Henry E. Huntington; a successful businessman.  It population of nearly 200,000 people makes this beach city one of the most populous city in the County of Orange.  What makes HB popular is the fact that it has one of the best surfing conditions in the state. 

When visiting downtown Huntington Beach it is also highly suggested for one to visit the downtown scene where there are many nice shops and restaurants. At downtown Huntington Beach, take a few stop and you will see one of the nicest piers around.  While visiting the pier you will also notice all street performers that are very entertaining to watch. 

Diseases and Virus Raccoons Carry

Many wild animals are known to carry harmful viruses and diseases that can infect humans and pets. Let our experts help you get rid of these unwanted nuisance today by calling us 800-985-9767.



A Team Services offers premier services for commercial and residential properties. Our dedicated experts are committed in providing our customers with a safe long term solution to end any problems they are experiencing. If you are looking for a wild animal or pest control expert in Huntington Beach, you've come to the right place.