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Infestation of raccoons has become a pest in the Signal Hill and sorrounding areas.  Raccoons are now starting to enter attics of homes and using them as their nesting place.  At A Team Rodent, Wildlife Control and Attic Clean Up we have specialist avaiable to assist you 24 -hours a day 7 days a week in the Signal Hill , California Area.  Call us toll free at 800-985-9767 for a immediate assistance.

Raccoon Infestation

For those who have encountered raccoon problems they understand the damages that these critters can cause.  Raccoons typically intrude into homes to give birth and shelter their kin.  During breeding seasons raccoons are known to force their way into homes and rip through just about anything that gets in their way.  Once inside the home ( typically the attic or crawlspace ), odds are they will be residing in there for a few months until their babies are grown.  During these months they will defecate and urinate inside these attics or crawlspaces.  Being carriers of numerous virus and diseases, a physical encounter with raccoon waste can lead to fatality.  Beware of Raccoons and let A Team Raccoon Control help you get these unwanted critters out of your property for good, by calling us at 800-985-9767.

Did your know that major damage caused by raccoons can be covered by your insurance policy? Ask us how.


Raccoons are very intelligent explorers and if your home or business is not properly secured they can easily find their way inside attics, crawl spaces, bedrooms, offices, etc. These wildlife intruders work their way inside and in many cases even give birth in these places. Once inside, these critter will often damage insulation, ducts and electrical wires that get in their way. Often, they are also known to chew on wood, cables, and electrical wiring that perhaps may put lives in danger. The gnawing on wiring is perhaps the scariest because it can cause fire.

Local Raccoon Removal Specialist

Any damage caused by raccoons can be repaired by A-Team Rodent Control, LLC. We can clean and decontaminate any and all areas affected by raccoons in your home. If your attic is contaminated with raccoon feces and urine, we have the experience, knowledge,tools, and equipment to properly clean your attic. Most companies only remove the feces and spray disinfectant  around, that's fine if the contamination is in a very small area. But from our experience, raccoons don't just stay in one small area. Raccoons tend to  have a favorite place to nest and use the restroom, but most likely they have ran throughout your attic. We will locate the entry points, find the feces, nests and babies if any. Usually when dealing with a raccoon infestation the best solution is to remove all of the infested insulation in your attic. By doing this, it guarantees we have removed the entire infestation. Then we can decontaminate your attic eliminating all pathogens for your protection. Finally, we can install new insulation in your attic, restoring your attic to its natural state.

Diseases and Virus Raccoons Carry

Raccoons are known as carriers of harmful diseases that infect humans and pets.  The three major diseases and infections that raccoons carry are roundworm, leptospirosis, and rabies.   

1. Raccoon roundworms are also known as baylisascaris are found in their feces.  People and animals are usually infected by this if they accidentally swallow the roundworm eggs that can be in soil or water. Children and pets that play outside are at highest risk to get infected by roundworms.  When these eggs are swallowed they hatch into larvae they immediately travel in different parts of the body that can cause tiredness, loss of muscle control, blindness, and in some cases even coma. 

2. Similar to rats, raccoons also carry leptospira bacteria in their urine that causes leptospirosis disease.  Humans and animals are typically infected by this disease by simply getting in contact with water contaminated with raccoons urine.  An encounter with leptospira bacteria if left untreated can cause horrendous migrane, severe  muscle aches, fever, and in rare cases; it can cause horrifying liver and kidney problems.

3. They are well know to carry rabies that is almost known as one of the most fatal virus.  We highly suggest for any humans or pets that have been exposed to raccoon bites or scratch to rescontact their physician or veternerian for immediate assistance. 

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