Raccoon control service and safely remove wild animals from property. A Team raccoon removal service is a company serving both los angeles and orange county california

A Team Raccoon Control Team

Having a raccoon problem can be extremely frustrating. Whether they have accessed your home or are tearing up your yard A-Team's Raccoon Control service is the solution to your problem.

Raccoons are explorers by nature, strong and very intelligent which gives them the ability to locate weak areas in your home. Here are some examples:  vents, roof over laps, gutter boards, gable vents and roof vents are all potential access points and could lead to a pregnant raccoon having her babies in the attic. raccoons will also access your crawlspace if those vents are week. Once inside, Raccoons often damage insulation, duct work and electrical wires. The Raccoon feces and urine can leave a nasty odor in your home along with urine stains in the ceiling drywall. Raccoons often gnaw on wood, cables, electrical wiring and almost anything that intrigues them. The gnawing on wiring is perhaps the scariest, stripping the insulation off the wires increases the chances for a short and the risk of fire.

Any damage caused by raccoons can be repaired by A-Team Rodent Control, LLC. We can clean and decontaminate any and all areas affected by raccoons in your home. If your attic is contaminated with raccoon feces and urine, we have the experience, knowledge,tools, and equipment to properly clean your attic. Most companies only remove the feces and spray disinfectant  around, that's fine if the contamination is in a very small area. But from our experience, raccoons don't just stay in one small area. Raccoons tend to  have a favorite place to nest and use the restroom, but most likely they have ran throughout your attic. We will locate the entry points, find the feces, nests and babies if any. Usually when dealing with a raccoon infestation the best solution is to remove all of the infested insulation in your attic. By doing this, it guarantees we have removed the entire infestation. Then we can decontaminate your attic eliminating all pathogens for your protection. Finally, we can install new insulation in your attic, restoring your attic to its natural state.

Diseases: Raccoons carry a number of diseases that can be transferred to humans and pets. Raccoons are the #1 carrier of rabies which can be fatal if left untreated. They have canine distemper, which can kill your dog. Their feces usually contains raccoon roundworm. If not removed and decontaminated the spores in their feces can be inhaled by humans or pets causing them  become infected. It is extremely important to remove any raccoons and feces from the house. A number of different parasites and diseases affect raccoons such as ticks, fleas, lice, tapeworms, tuberculosis and mange disease.

During this process we will also seal all raccoon entry points and reinforce any potential re entry points ensuring that your home is raccoon proofed. You might be thinking to yourself, this sounds expensive. Well, in some cases, it can be. The good news for you is raccoon damage is almost always covered by homeowners insurance.

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