rodent proofing your home.  How to properly cover access rats wild animals

Rodent and Wildlife Proofing Your Home or Business

Once these pest a finally out of your home it is imperative that all access points are completely covered to ensure that these animals do not return back to the premises. We offer a full rat / wild animal resistant service to ensure that once these creatures are out that they remain there. Our pest proofing service includes an eco friendly non toxic deterrent and high quality screening service. In severe cases we are also fully equipped and have highly skilled technicians to fully remove all attic insulations if necessary.

A-Team Rodent, Wildlife Control and Attic Cleaning Services is dedicated to meet your needs. We employ a team of fully trained staff to ensure that you are getting the best and the highest quality of service. With over a decade of combined experience in the rodent and wildlife control industry; our professionals know exactly what it takes to remove and prevent these unwanted animal from coming back to your property. Get free and immediate consultation by emailing or calling us at 800-985-9767.

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