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ECO Friendly Deterrent and Non Toxic Soutionn

A Team uses a special blend of deterrent to prevent these animals from returning back into your place. Our special mix is made of non toxic solution to protect your, our employees and the planet. Our company does not nor will endanger your family nor these wild animals by using poison to attract and exterminate. Using poison to manage the problem can only attract these creatures therefore; it will never put an end to the problem. The use of poison will not deter these animals instead only attract them which never puts an end to the problem.


Insulation is a greener product than many people realize. Most types of insulation are made out of recycled materials. For example, cellulose insulation is made out of recycled newsprint, cardboard, and magazines while fiberglass is made out of recycled glass, sand, and other organic materials. Not only are most of the products used to insulate home made out of recycled materials, insulation reduces your reliance on heating and cooling equipment, thus reducing energy consumption.

Insulation is designed to keep you the place cool when it�s hot outside and warm when it�s cold outside by reducing the flow of heat. By reducing this natural flow with insulation, you no longer need to use as much energy cooling or heating your home. Reducing your reliance on air conditioners and furnaces saves energy and you money. 

We Use ECO Friendly Products To Protect Our Customers and Planet.

A-Team Rodent Control offers insulation installation in your home or office, we offer products designed to further maximize your energy savings such as radiant barriers, attic vents, and attic tents.

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A Team Rodent Control is a provider of specialty services of wildlife control, rodent control, clean up and decontamination serviced that is dedicated to meet your important needs. Our company is committed in providing outstanding service and solutions that is most cost effective for our customers.