attic clean up and decontamination service not toxic clean up green solution

Attic Clean Up Service | Attic Decontamination

Our Attic clean up and decontamination teams are specially trained, certified, and equipped to handle any and all Rat, Rodent, or other wildlife clean up situations. No matter how minimal or sever the infestation some degree of cleanup and decontamination must be performed not only from a health and safety stand point, but to ensure rats, rodents and other wildlife do not return.

Our attic clean up and decontamination specialists will remove all the hazard waste and any other foreign objects or materials brought into your attic by rats, rodents, or other wildlife including hair, urine, oils, feces,dead animals, food, nesting, etc. All fecal matter and contaminated items will be either bagged inside the attic or vacuumed out with specialized HE-PA filter vacuums and properly disposed of.

Once all of the feces and contaminated materials have been removed the attic will be treated with BioShield an earth friend, GREEN, non-toxic product that safely eliminates bacteria, mold, fungus, infectious agents, parasites, and foul odors. Next are attic clean up team will Rodent Proof the home or structure sealing all opening and reinforcing any weak spots to ensure rats, rodents and wildlife cannot get back inside. Lastly, are team will install new insulation if applicable.

 A-Team Rodent Control, llc backs its attic cleanup and decontamination service a 100% to be rat, rodent, and wildlife free Guaranteed.  Call Us Toll Free at 800-985-9767 For Immediate Assistance

A Team Rodent Control is a provider of specialty services of wildlife control, rodent control, clean up and decontamination serviced that is dedicated to meet your important needs. Our company is committed in providing outstanding service and solutions that is most cost effective for our customers.